Sandra will walk through your home and get an overall scope of the client’s wants and needs. She will be able to provide layout ideas, select colors, determine functionality, and start coming up with specific solutions. If a client prefer a DIY approach Sandra can offer brainstorming sessions via video conference call or an on-site visit. Upon the initial meeting with you, Sandra will strive to get a complete idea of your expectations. As the projects progresses she will strive to ensure your overall preference and your budget is met

Virtual Consulting

In the midst of a global pandemic, Sandra is taking precautions to keep herself and her clients safe and healthy. She is will to work remotely when needed. She understands the frustration homeowners and business have with the lack of choices and “know how” in designing spaces during this epic time. Due to social distancing Sandra is available to meet with you remotely through Zoom, Facetime, Skype or Go Meetings. She is willing to virtually walk through your space and consult using technology and photographs. Space planning and 3D renderings can be sent through email and reviewed virtually through Zoom meetings. She can kick off ideas through Pinterest and Houzz and samples can be sent directly to your home. If you are looking forward to the future of opening up a business and need advice with social distancing spatial plans Sandra can help you re-design your space.


Sandra can provide you with a finish layout plan and 3D rendering of your proposed project. This will include ideas, furniture placement, wall coloring, lighting, and accessories. This is the time Sandra will begin sourcing finishes and fabrics to be selected. She will be in contact with the contractors and trades to keep them posted on the selections. Selection of finishes and fabrics will be compiled and presented to the client.

Personal Spaces

Sandra can express a sense of calm and set the tone for your personal spaces in your home such as the bedroom, office, craft room or living room. She can turn your personal spaces into an oasis from the outside world that incorporates your style and personality.  No matter what you want your space to reflect, either a place to work, play, or relax, Sandra can create a comfortable living space that reflects you and your lifestyle.

Kitchen & Bath

Whether creating a new space or revamping one, the perfect kitchen or bathroom begins with an idea put into a concept. No matter what your situation, Sandra can help you find your solution.  She has expertise in designing kitchens and bathrooms using different materials, textures, and color to create the right look. Functionality is key to a good kitchen and bath while distinct styles and taste are showcased.


Sandra has worked on commercial projects with a varied degrees of consulting and design needs. She has completed projects that consist of simple design to a complete remodel project. Her projects include offices, banks, restaurants, and schools. Sandra can work directly with an architect or construction team to help achieve the client’s concepts of the spaces. As a KI Furniture Dealer Representative Sandra can specify commercial furniture for business, healthcare and education. This will include floor plans, 3D renderings, quotes, and sample fabrics and finishes. For more information regarding KI Furniture visit